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NYSP examining possible child abuse caught on video camera

A stunning video of child abuse was published on social media and now New York State Police are examining. NEWS10 ABC is keeping the identities confidential to safeguard the child. Relative of this child are questioning why it wasn’t Child Protective Services who called authorities but us. It’s troubling to watch and disturbing to learn the man on your screen is the child’s dad. The video was published on Facebook then just recently removed. Member of the family say it isn’t really the very first time the child suffered abuse at the hands of her dad. They revealed the video to Child Protective Services but the very first time it crossed the desk of a State Police private investigator is when NEWS10 ABC brought it to their attention. It’s raising some major concerns about the firm suggested to safeguard children.

The child is safe with her mother but her mom hesitated that calling authorities implied losing her child. She felt defenseless therefore did her little woman. “You can see her go stiff. She’s got a panic reaction that’s going on for her,”Timothy Hathaway, Executive Director at Prevent Child Abuse New York, stated. He states many cases go unreported because parents hesitate of the repercussions. “We wish to get help for those people. The idea of just letting them in some way suffer through it or think well possibly it will improve if we leave it alone, that’s perhaps the worst thing we might do.”. Police sources say CPS ought to have informed authorities but they didn’t. “Communities can take this issue on and they can change the trajectory around this.”. Now, this case is the topic of a criminal examination.